Pratyya Ghosh

Csatlakozott ekkor: 2013. május 10.
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a (global user pages (requested by Pratyya Ghosh))
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*Bengali Wikipedia-- [[w:bn:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Bengali Wikipedia User Page]]
*Simple English Wikipedia-- [[w:simple:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Simple English Wikipedia User Page]]
*Meta WikipediaWikimedia-- [[w:meta:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Meta WikipediaWikimedia User Page]]
*Wikimedia Commons-- [[w:commons:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Wikimedia Commons User Page]]
*Wikidata-- [[w:wikidata:User:Pratyya Ghosh|My Wikidata User Page]]
Outside them you canwill always find me at [[w:testtestwiki:User:Pratyya Ghosh|Test Wikipedia]].
*Among them you can mostly find me at '''English Wikipedia'''. Then '''Simple English Wikipedia''' --> '''Bengali Wikipedia'''--> '''WikimediaMeta CommonsWikimedia''' --> '''MetaWikimedia WikipediaCommons'''--> '''Wikidata'''.
Also see [[Special:CentralAuth/Pratyya Ghosh|'''this''']] and <span class="plainlinks">[ '''this'''] page to see my global contributions.