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Ezek nem mindegyike teljesen szabadon felhasználható forrás. Segíthetnek a hivatkozásoknál, de ne másolj közvetlenül anyagokat ezekről a helyekről. Kérjük, hogy adj meg annyi adatot, amennyit csak lehetséges a megjelölt forrásodhoz:
* a verziószámot
This page is a directory of both proprietary and free online resources that may be useful for research purposes. Other lists of resources are below. The page has a section of resources that are offered and one of resources that are wanted. These sections are separated into subsections for specific resource types.
* a forrás tárolási módját (papír, CD-ROM, online archívumok etc.)
Add hozzá forrásodat a megfelelő szekcióhoz.
These are not [[w:Wikipedia:Public domain resources|public domain resources]]. They may be helpful references, but do not copy material directly from these sources. Please provide as much detail as possible about:
* version of the resource
* storage form of the resource (paper, CD-ROM, online archive etc.)
It is assumed that these resources are available to you for free or that you are willing to cover any costs. Users should note that these shared usage offers, unless otherwise noted, are only valid for Wikipedia purposes.
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== OfferedAjánlott resourcesforrások ==
=== Archives ===
====GermanNémet languagenyelvből====
* ''Der Spiegel'' (weekly newsmagazine)
** Electronic access from 1986 to present (without pictures): [[w:User:Eloquence|Eloquence]]
** Various, electronic access from 1998 to present: [[w:User:Eloquence|Eloquence]]
====EnglishAngol languagenyelvből====
* ''New Scientist'' (weekly UK science magazine)
** Access to internet archive, about 10 years worth [[w:User:Smelialichu|Smelialichu]], [[w:User:Burgundavia|Burgundavia]]
**Online archive 1785&ndash;1985 [[w:User:Mirv|&#8212;No-One]][[w:User talk:Mirv|&nbsp;''Jones'']] [[Special:Emailuser/Mirv|<sup>(mail)</sup>]]
=== GeneralÁltalános Referencehivatkozások ===
* Encyclopaedia Britannica
**electronic access: [[w:User:Stephen Gilbert|Stephen Gilbert]], [[w:User:Belgrader|Belgrader]]
** online (with updates): [[w:User:DrBob|DrBob]], [[w:User:Menchi|Menchi]], [[w:User:Centrx|Centrx]], [[w:User:Mirv|&#8212;No-One]][[w:User talk:Mirv|&nbsp;''Jones'']] [[Special:Emailuser/Mirv|<sup>(mail)</sup>]]
=== ScienceTudományos databooksadatbázisok ===
* CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 77th edition (1997) (chemical and physical data on just about anything): [[w:User:DrBob|DrBob]]
===Writing and PublishingÍrások===
Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition (1993): [[w:User:Centrx|Centrx]]
Oxford Companion to Philosophy (1995): [[w:User:Centrx|Centrx]]
A large (150-200 books) private library (print) on the subject 'voyages of discovery'. Especially interesting Raymond John Howgego: Encyclopedia of Exploration to 1800 (2003). - [[w:User:Andre Engels|Andre Engels]]
=== OtherEgyéb ===
*United Nations Treaty Collection
**electronic access: [[w:w:User:Stephen Gilbert|Stephen Gilbert]]
== Szabadon felhasználható online források ==
== Wanted resources ==
''Currently none.''
== Free online resources ==
Free online English Language dictionaries:
*[http://hypertextbook.com/ hypertextbook.com] Seems to be a collection of scientific essays written by high school students on various topics. Includes copious references.
* [http://www.biographi.ca/EN/index.html Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online] - Biographies of people who have had an impact on [[Canada]] and who died between 1000 and 1920 or whose last known date of activity falls within these years
===ElectionVálasztási statisticsstatisztikák===
* [http://psephos.adam-carr.net/ Adam Carr's Election Archive]: [[w:User:Adam Carr|Adam Carr]] maintains the world's largest online archive of election statistics from every democractic country in the world.
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