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== Editing News #2—2018 ==
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''[[metawiki:VisualEditor/Newsletter/2018/October|Olvasás másik nyelven]] • [[m:VisualEditor/Newsletter|Subscription list for this multilingual newsletter]]''
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'''Did you know?'''
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Tudtad, hogy a vizuális szerkesztőt a mobilodon is használhatod?
[[File:Mobile editing watchlist star editing pencil.png|alt=Screenshot showing the location of the pencil icon|center|frameless|250px]]
Tap on the pencil icon to start editing. The page will probably open in the wikitext editor.
You will see another pencil icon in the toolbar. Tap on that pencil icon to the switch between visual editing and wikitext editing.
[[File:Visual editing mobile switch wikitext.png|alt=Toolbar with menu opened|center|frameless|250px]]
Remember to publish your changes when you're done.
You can read and help translate [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Help:VisualEditor/User guide|the user guide]], which has more information about how to use the visual editor.</div></div>
A legutóbbi hírcsomag óta a [[mw:Editing|fejlesztőcsapat]] összedolgozta a [[mw:2017 wikitext editor|2017-es wikitext szerkesztő programot]] a [[mw:VisualEditor/Diffs|vizuális szerkesztő]] különbségeket mutató eszközével. A csapat megkezdte a mobilt használó szerkesztők igényeinek vizsgálatát. Their work board is available [[phab:project/view/3236/|in Phabricator]]. Their [[mw:Wikimedia Audiences/2018-19 Q2 Goals#Contributors|current priorities]] are fixing bugs and improving mobile editing.
=== Recent changes ===
*The Editing team has published an [[mw:Mobile editing using the visual editor report|initial report about mobile editing]].
*The Editing team has begun a design study of visual editing on the mobile website. New editors have trouble doing basic tasks on a smartphone, such as adding links to Wikipedia articles. You can [[c:File:Visual Editor Heuristic - Results.pdf|read the report]].
*The Reading team is working on a [[mw:Reading/Web/Advanced mobile contributions|separate mobile-based contributions project]].
*The 2006 wikitext editor is [[mw:Contributors/Projects/Removal of the 2006 wikitext editor|no longer supported]]. If you used [[:File:Edit toolbar - 2.png|that toolbar]], then you will no longer see any toolbar. You may choose another editing tool in your [[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing|editing preferences]], [[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets|local gadgets]], or [[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-betafeatures|beta features]].
*The Editing team described the history and status of [[mw:Extension:VisualEditor|VisualEditor]] in [[m:Wikimedia monthly activities meetings/2018-03|this recorded public presentation]] (starting at 29 minutes, 30 seconds).
*The Language team released [[mw:Content translation/V2|a new version of Content Translation]] (CX2) last month, on [[foundationsite:2018/09/30/international-translation-day/|International Translation Day]]. It integrates the visual editor to support templates, tables, and images. It also produces better wikitext when the translated article is published. [https://wikimediafoundation.org/2018/09/30/content-translation-version-two/]
=== Let's work together ===
* The Editing team wants to improve visual editing on the mobile website. <mark>Please read [[mw:Visual-based mobile editing/Ideas/October 2018|their ideas]] and tell the team what you think would help editors who use the mobile site.</mark>
*The [[m:Community Wishlist Survey 2019|Community Wishlist Survey]] begins next week.
*If you aren't reading this in your preferred language, then please help us with translations! Subscribe to the [[mail:translators-l|Translators mailing list]] or [https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User_talk:Elitre_(WMF)&action=edit&section=new contact us] directly. We will notify you when the next issue is ready for translation. {{int:Feedback-thanks-title}}
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== Change coming to how certain templates will appear on the mobile web ==