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Hello I come here to make interlang links. First I would have like to make links between the community discussion pages like Village pump on English Wikiquote. I couldn't find it however. If you put a link on Village pump on English Wikipedia and its equivalent on this project, you will be very appliciated. And each interlang links you will create, too. Happy Wikiquote life and merry Christmas. --Aphaia 2004. december 6., 18:45 (UTC)

Hi, why do you use the logo of Wikipedia, not [[Image:Wiki.png|Wikiquote]] - I suppose you could ask a developer to fix it. Cheers, --Aphaia 2005. május 4., 18:43 (UTC)


  • A Friss változások órája mintha nem CET illetve nem magyar idő szerint járna, 9:00 körül 6:05-öt mutat. Gubbubu 2005. július 17., 07:08 (UTC)
  • Logo nem stimmel.

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